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District Futbol Academy


Brand Creation


Professional take on recreation


positioning, logo, illustration, print/layout, digital




The soccer training market puts a lot of emphasis on being exposed to the “professional” and truly-competitive side of recreational soccer. Students of these camps and academies enrich their knowledge through rigorous practice led by seasoned coaches. Each program ascribes to a certain level of seriousness surrounding the sport and their design approaches reflect the same. The main goal of our design explorations was to help DFA stand out against the rest with more thoughtful, dynamic design.



Refined, Assertive, Professional, Geometric, Intense, Precise,
Reputable, Fun, High-Energy


Bold, condensed fonts with a mix of curves and sharp angles to represent the precision of the training but flexibility of the team.

Unique crest shape containing strong graphic elements, a simplified but dignified palette of colors, and a dynamic but balanced composition that appears as refined and professional as MLS/EPL teams.

Texture, geometric patterns, and undulating lines that represent the flow and dynamism of the team. 

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